Northeast FYSPRT

Dedicated to Improving Children and Youth’s Behavioral Health Services and Support

The mission of Washington State’s ten Regional Family, Youth, and System Partner Round Tables (FYSPRTs) is to bring all necessary parties together to contribute to continuous improvement to children’s behavioral health services and supports. Regional FYSPRTs strive to provide an equitable forum for families, youth, systems, and communities to strengthen and sustain community resources that effectively address the individualized behavioral health needs of children, youth and families.

Regional FYSPRTs play a critical role, within the Children’s Behavioral Health Governance Structure, in informing and providing oversight for high-level policy-making, program planning, and decision-making, and for the implementation of the T.R. Settlement Agreement.

As described further, Regional FYSPRTs will:

Our Vision for the Roundtable

The FYSPRT vision is that, through respectful partnerships, families, youth, systems and communities will effectively collaborate to proactively influence, and provide leadership to address challenges and barriers faced by the behavioral health service system for children, youth and families in Washington State.

Northeast FYSPRT Contact & Meeting Schedules

Northeast FYSPRT’s meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month from
3:00 PM – 4:30 PM*

*Northeast FYSPRT offers a hybrid meeting option of either in-person a via ZOOM link. 

These documents outline the conditions under which Statewide and Regional FYSPRTs were organized

The who, what, why and where of all regional FYSPRT’s in Washington State.

Filling the gap from where we currently are to where we want to be.

Just how do we plan on getting there?

WA map with selected Northeast FYSPRT regions

Northeast FYSPRT group covers the following counties:

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