What’s the FYSPRT’s Objective?

FYSPRT is a monthly roundtable meeting between families, youth, system partners, and anyone else that wants to impact public mental health services. The objective is to engage in conversations that improve and strengthen community based behavioral health approaches for children, youth and their families.

Why Should You Participate?

As a recipient, provider or administrator of public mental health services you have an important perspective and your voice is needed to help with real system change. The FYSPRT Roundtables are your opportunity to be sure that your voice is heard. The family, youth, and system partner roundtables are designed for all participants to work together in equal partnership to help make systems better for families and youth.

Who, What, Why of the FYSPRT (Infographic)


Mission Statement

Vision Statement

The FYSPRT Model Is Based On A Value System Of

Respect – Families, youth and system partners can all value from what each brings to the table.

Equity – All members have value and expertise in a particular area and all expertise is valued equally.

Reciprocity – There’s an expectation that all members will give and receive in achieving the group’s goals.

Partnership – Families, youth and system partners will work together to find solutions that work for everyone.



 Northeast FYSPRT  is funded by the Spokane County Regional Behavioral Administrative Services Organization and the Washington State Health Care Authority.

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