Mission Statement


The mission of Washington State’s ten Regional Family, Youth, and System Partner Round Tables (FYSPRTs) is to bring all necessary parties together to contribute to continuous improvement to children’s behavioral health services and supports. Regional FYSPRTs strive to provide an equitable forum for families, youth, systems, and communities to strengthen and sustain community resources that effectively address the individualized behavioral health needs of children, youth and families.

Regional FYSPRTs play a critical role, within the Children’s Behavioral Health Governance Structure, in informing and providing oversight for high-level policy-making, program planning, and decision-making, and for the implementation of the T.R. Settlement Agreement. As described further below, Regional FYSPRTs will:

  • Convene a broad array of stakeholders to collect, review, and/or interpret relevant data and evaluation results and develop system improvement strategies;
  • Serve as a mechanism for bringing voices from local communities into one regional entity;
  • Respond to calls for feedback from higher level entities such as the Statewide FYSPRT, relevant state agencies, and DSHS’ cross-system Executive Leadership Team(ELT);
  • Regularly develop formal reports (e.g., regional needs assessments) for review by higher-level entities who can then act accordingly through policy, fiscal, regulatory, and other actions;
  • Receive regular reports from higher-level entities on priorities for action and policy, fiscal, regulatory, and other actions taken in response to input from the regions.
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